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O'Snap-SURGE IN A SNAP – Nitro Watermelon

O'Snap-SURGE IN A SNAP – Nitro Watermelon

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SURGE IN A SNAP - Nitro Watermelon

Product Description:

WARNING!!! Not for the faint of heart. The OG NITRO Watermelon SURGE truly packs a punch both in flavor and in potency.

NITRO Watermelon is supercharged! From the moment it hits your tongue you know you are experiencing something like never before. Instantly the hair on the back of your neck stands up, a burst of S7 nitric oxide energy shoots through your veins! You make what we call the Surge face and you feel like running through a wall and punching a Rhino in the face!

This flavor was specifically designed to snap and mix into 2oz of water or into your favorite drink. If you’re brave and adventurous take it straight to the head! Incredible energy drink and coffee replacement. Long lasting, Plant based, Sugar free energy!

Happy Snapping!

Directions: Snap Pack and squeeze liquid supplement into water, beverage of choice or take straight to the head and enjoy!

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