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Aquavault Lanyard–Waterproof Phone Case

Aquavault Lanyard–Waterproof Phone Case

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Some valuables you just can’t leave behind, even while getting acquainted with ocean creatures. With the Aquavault Waterproof Lanyard, you don’t have to. From land to sea, Aquavault is there for you. Adventurous? Yes! Take photos and video underwater with the Aquavault waterproof phone case. The future is here today with the patented floating airbag and neck strap. Keep your phone, passport, room key and other import items safe and waterproof up to 15 feet. Be adventurous!

The AquaVault Waterproof Phone Pouch fits All phones. It has a patented floating airbag that allows it to float if accidentally dropped in the water. 

• Take Crystal Clear Videos Underwater
• Retain Full Functionality of Your Phone or Device
• Reinforced Corners for Added Drop Protection
• Triple Seal Technology for Zero Leaks
• Floating Internal Air Bladder Design
• Comes With Neck Strap
• Dimensions 7.25” x 4.25” x 0.5"
• Weighs 4.1oz

• Retain Full Functionality of Your Phone while it's in the pouch - Text, email, take pictures & videos, go on social media, talk, listen to music and do whatever else you would normally do. (This can ALL be done underwater too!)
• Insulate your device from water, dirt, dust, sand, rain, and snow through a unique rolling Ziploc system with an additional double velcro locking system. Waterproof up to 30ft.
• Get undisturbed access to your phone without removing it from the case. This phone case uses a Super Clear screen and polycarbonate lens that allows you to make calls, listen to music, play games, shoot or watch videos and snap photos without taking off the case.
• Watch your phone float in the water with a patented dual-layer air bladder design.
• Also included is a neck lanyard so you can wear your phone around your neck. Protect your phone from damage from accidental drops, impact and scratches through the case's dual-layer construction that features double lined, reinforced corners

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