Pack Gear Basics-Velcro Closure Backpack Organizer green / teal
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The packers and rollers can fit even more in their backpacks with this organizer. The Pack Gear organizer has several compartments to help you do more with less. It’s lightweight and perfect for small spaces and unconventional rooming arrangements. With built-in hooks, you can hang your bag indoors or outdoors. Hang it from yourself if you want. That feature makes it easy to use it as is and pack it away at the end of your adventure. 

Brand: PACK Gear

Color: Teal


  • Size Small - Our 19L organizer (18" x 9" x 7") fits perfectly into your Backpack or Carry-On. Enjoy a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee on all PACK Gear products.
  • Fit 4+ packing cubes worth of clothing into just one PACK organizer, yet the PACK weighs less than one packing cube!
  • Use this organizer's built in hooks to hang conveniently on your bed, on a train, on a tree, in a closet, and just about anywhere. It's like a hanging closet in every destination.
  • This backpacking gear is perfect for backpackers traveling Europe, couchsurfers exploring the world, or anyone on an adventure.
  • With this hanging travel organizer, you can pack and unpack in less than 10 seconds. Stay effortlessly organized as you move from place to place.

Package Dimensions: 10.0 x 10.0 x 1.5 inches

Details: Ready to stay ahead of the packing game? The PACK BASICS 19L organizer (Small: 18" x 9" x 7") is perfect for travelers looking for high quality product - but who don't want fancy bells and whistles. The powerful velcro closing compartments keep your clothing safe, while valuables can be stored in the top zippered compartment. This is the perfect companion if you want to stay organized and have extra cash to spend on your vacation.

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EAN: 643131787473


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