Zero Grid Neck Wallet w/RFID Blocking

Have you ever lost your passport? It’s every traveler’s worst nightmare. There’s bureaucratic red tape. There’s the unfriendly employee at the embassy who questions you like you’re a fugitive and not just some guy who lost his passport after enjoying too much local nightlife. And finally, there’s the waiting. By the time you have a new passport reissued, you’re vacation is over. The Zero Grid neck wallet features three zippered pockets and secures all passports, credit cards, and travel documents.

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Product Features

• Three zippered pockets to keep you organized on the go 

• Quick access to your smartphone, tickets, keys, cash, cards, & IDs 

• Adjustable elastic neck strap for comfortable wear 

• Bulge-free design for minimalist travelStyle & utility combined in one accessory 

• Ultra-lightweight and slim 

• Hidden wallet that keeps pickpockets guessing when you wear it under a shirt or jacket 

• RFID blocking security to protect you from wireless pickpocketing and identity theft 

• Water-resistant and durable nylon fabric that resists tears and discoloration 

• 100% lifetime satisfaction guarantee so that you can buy with confidence

Product Tips

 • The Zero Grid neck wallet is slim, lightweight, and features a bulge-free design that allows for minimalist travel. With all of your travel essentials in one place, you can grab and go without later saying, “Wait, honey, did you remember the American Express card?” 

• The only thing worse than losing your passport in a foreign country is having your identity stolen. The Zero Grid neck wallet features RIFD blocking security that protects you from wireless pick-pocketing and identity theft. That’s right, the shady looking guy in the cyber cafe in Amsterdam no longer poses a threat. Your bank account is secure, your credit cards protected from unauthorized charges, and your identity is intact, at least until you attend your cruise ship's legendary Midnight Glow Party, where everything you thought you knew about yourself suddenly comes into question. 

 • While ID’s, credit cards, and passports are travel essentials, so is comfort. The Zero Grid neck wallet features breathable, moisture-wicking mesh backing. Whether you prefer a sightseeing shore excursion or something more extreme, like zip-lining through a rainforest or spelunking in a sea cave, your neck wallet will remain dry, which means it won’t chafe against your skin, stick like Velcro, or cause a rash requiring the type of potent antibiotics usually reserved for malaria.  

Why It's A Good Item To Pack

• The Zero Grid neck wallet is virtually invisible, which means if you hate looking like a tourist (fanny pack wearers, we’re talking to you!), you’re in luck. With the neck wallet hidden comfortably under your shirt, you can be a stranger in a strange in land, discreetly. 

 • The Zero Grid neck wallet comes in four colors: Shadow, Sand, Ash, and Midnight. While not quite camouflage, all the colors create an extra level of security by being shadowy, sandy, ashen, and as dark as midnight. Potential thieves won't be able to see you're even wearing a neck wallet. 

 • You can carry all your travel essentials in the Zero Grid neck wallet: ID’s, cash, cards, keys, the phone number of the French woman you met in Nice, the digits of the Nordic guy you talked to while cruising the fjords, and of course the most essential travel essential of all… a get out of jail free card. 

• Did we happen to mention that the British call a fanny pack a "bum bag." Do you really want to be the guy or girl who wears a "bum bag?" No, we didn't think so.Whether you’re traveling off the grid or on the grid, with the Zero Grid neck wallet, you’ll have zero stress when it comes to keeping your essentials organized and safe. 

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