Sharkbanz 2 Magnetic Shark Repellent Band

Is snorkeling on your next excursion on your bucket list? If not, maybe it should be, it’s an experience like no other, an amazing adventure that people travel the whole world to experience. Maybe you’re nervous about the adventure. Maybe you’re wondering about the swimming with oceans greater preditor the shark. Will I be safe? Life on land is not always safe so whey would it be any different at sea. If you add the Sharkbanz 2 to the list of must have snorkeling gear to pack then you can at least up your odds of not becoming fish food.

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Product Features

Product Tips

• Sharkbanz features magnetic technology developed by marine biologists to deter predatory sharks. This means you can finally go swimming, surfing, or scuba diving without someone in your party humming the theme music to “Jaws.” 

• Wearing multiple Sharkbanz, say, one on your wrist and one on your ankle, generates greater electromagnetic coverage. While they won't create a full-body force field against sharks, multiple Sharkbanz protect you from investigative bites better than one Sharkbanz. 

• If wearing multiple Sharkbanz isn’t your style (yes, there's such as thing as being too stoked), then it’s best to wear the device on your ankle, as the majority of shark bites occur in the leg area. 

• Sharkbanz technology has been tested on a variety of sharks, including predatory species such as Bull Sharks, Blacktips, and Great Whites. If getting into a shark cage and having an up close and personal experience with a wild animal is one of your bucket list activities, Sharkbanz makes the experience safer. 

• Sharks are curious creatures. Most bites are the result of mistaken identity. You might be wearing a wetsuit but that doesn’t mean you’re a seal, right? Sharbanz reduce the risk of attacks by warning curious sharks that you’re not food. 

Why It's A Good Item To Pack

• No batteries. No charging. No problem. That’s right, Sharkbanz is always on. You don’t need to pack a bulky charger or adapter, which means you’ll have plenty of extra space in your carry-on bag. 

• Sharkbanz feature high-tech magnetic technology. While they're airline and travel safe, they must be kept 12 inches away from electronic and medical devices. If you’re worried that your Sharkbanz is going to cause your iPhone to blackout, or worse… that it’s going to cause the grid collapse, forcing everyone on the eastern seaboard to become survivalists, then consider storing it in the magnetic shielded Sharbanz box. 

• Featuring an ergonomic design and premium materials, Sharbanz is comfortable to wear. You can dive, swim, or surf up to 100m/330ft with the enhanced grace of a mermaid. It can also moonlight as bracelet if your girlfriend, wife, or significant other complains that she has no jewelry to wear. 

• Whether worn on the ankle or wrist, Sharkbanz features a universal fit for ages 5+. If you’re child dreams of becoming Jacques Cousteau or Mel Fisher (and seriously, who doesn’t dream of becoming an undersea explorer or treasure hunter?), he or she can start early.

• While the Discovery Channel isn’t going to ask you to participate in Shark Week, you can now safely recreate your own Shark Week while on vacation. Whether you want to tag Great Whites off the coast of Cape Cod, hunt for Submarine off the tip of South Africa, or swim with Tiger Sharks in the Bahamas, Sharkbanz can make all your Shark Week fantasies come true.Remember fellow cruisers, Sharkbanz has nothing to do with Sharkbands... that's the Jimmy Buffett cover band that's scheduled to take the cruise ship stage at 9 pm.Happy sailing. 

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