MacroBoom by RoamProof-Waterproof Bluetooth Speakers, IPX7

Do you remember the tinny sounding boomboxes in the 1980’s… the ones you took to the schoolyard where you and your friends practiced the moonwalk and cabbage patch? The MacroBoom sounds nothing like those old school portable stereos. Featuring 2 full range drivers, 2 bass radiators and 15 watts of total speaker output, the MacroBoom generates a warm, clear, deep sound.

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Product Features

• IP67 Dust/Waterproof (30 min @ 1M) 

• Crushproof (2 tons)  

• DropProof (6/50 ft - cement/sand) 

• 15Watts - 2 Full Range Drivers + 2x Passive Radiators 

• Solar Recharge & Battery Life Extension 

• TWS Surround (True Wireless L/R Channel) 

• External Charging

• 5 Year Warranty & 30 Day Money Back

Product Tips

• The RoamProof MacroBoom is crush proof, drop proof, and waterproof (up to 30 minutes), which means this amazing piece of audio technology can boldly roam where no audio technology has roamed before. Whether you’re exploring Harrison’s Cave in Barbados, zip-lining through the rainforest in Belize, or driving an ATV across a black lava sand beach in Iceland, the MacroBoom is loaded with specs to survive any shore excursion. 

• The MacroBoom’s bottom mounted anti-skid pads allow you to safely mount the speaker in the shower so you can sing along to all of your favorite pop songs. At the same time, if want to face down the eye of a hurricane while belting out Eye of the Tiger, the anti-skid pads are custom made to withstand the most inclement weather conditions. 

• The MacroBoom features an AUX input for direct plug and play as well as Bluetooth compatibility with 100 ft. range. Think about the possibilities. If you don’t like the song your travel partner is playing during the after party in your cabin, you can slyly pretend your texting and use your phone to change the music.    

Why It's A Good Item To Pack

• The RoamProof MacroBoom is virtually indestructible, which is good news if you have kids whose idea of a fun vacation involves pushing a portable stereo down a 100-ft. water slide, tossing it off a rock climbing wall, hitting it with a mini golf club, or jumping up and down on it just to see how virtually indestructible it really is. 

• The MacroBoom features 15 hours of battery life, and that means the party doesn’t have to end when the live band finishes its set. Invite all your new friends back to your stateroom and turn up the yacht rock. 

• Designed with dual charge technology, the MacroBoom has a built-in solar panel so it can be charged while outdoors. It's audio technology that's tailor made for cruising, where the only thing more fun than fun in the sun is fun that’s environmentally friendly. 

• Cruise ships are famous for their at-sea parties. From White Night parties to Pirates of the Caribbean deck parties to nightclubs where DJs spin 24-hours of bass thumping music, cruises have more theme nights than Studio 54. There’s no better way to get ready for a night on the water than by pregaming in your cabin with your favorite tunes.-Do you want to win the heart of the girl in cabin 12? Nothing is going to look cooler on social media than when you post a picture of yourself holding a MacroBoom above your head like John Cusack in Say Anything.   

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