G-RO Carry-on Luggage, 22-inch International Cabin Size, USB Charging (FAA Compliant), Luggage Tracker

The G-RO is a sleek and sensible upgrade from any modern carry-on bag. It’s taking the luggage industry by force, and it’s rolling in style past the competition (and it’s making you look cool while doing so...as long as you pick the right color, anyway). So kick your old luggage to the curb. Large wheels, ergonomic handles, and extra-durability make the G-RO the perfect carry-on bag for the plane, and it’s honestly a little bit shocking that you don’t already own one.

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Product Features

This unique carry-on comes equipped with everything you need to make your travels easier – and smarter. Dual USB ports for charging on-the-go, a luggage tracker, rough-terrain wheels, a spacious interior and more.​Wheels that let you effortlessly navigate uneven surfaces like bumpy sidewalks, stairs and cobblestone. Smart features that ensure you have power on the go and can track your luggage. Tons of space and an ergonomic telescopic handle. The G-RO is the ultimate travel companion.

Product Tips

 Store that precious passport in the easy access pocket. That way you don’t have to scramble through your luggage to find it at any of the hundred mandatory airport security checkpoints.

 Can’t find a seat by an outlet? Don’t worry. The G-RO has two USB ports that are just begging to be used whenever you are inconvenienced by annoying airport seating.

- Before you board the plane, fill your water bottle and use the bottle holder located in the back of the G-RO. We all know how stingy the airline crew is with their water. 

 Download the Tile app so that you’ll always be able to track the whereabouts of your G-RO. You never know when a stranger might think they would look much better with it than you. 

 Don’t tell your friends. Let them be impressed when you roll up to check-in with style. 


Why It's A Good Item To Pack

• The impact resistant wheels are perfect for when you’re running late for your flight and need to rush to the airport, regardless of terrain. You won’t accidentally break the wheels, and people won’t even notice how nervous you are to make your flight on time. 

• You might think these revolutionary features would prevent the interior from being as large as most modern-day carry on bags, but you’d be wrong. The spacious inner compartment can fit anything your old carry on bag can, and much more! And If you happen to need more room, no problem! Use the attachment strap to hook to a second bag filled with snacks, magazine, or whatever else you’re embarrassed to talk about (hey, no judgment here). 

• Oh, also: There’s a pocket made specifically for your laptop. This means that you no longer have to shove your precious electronics into pockets that definitely weren’t made for them. 

• Nothing says “professionally cool” like the G-RO. If you don’t trust me, then you should at least trust the 512 IndieGoGo backers and the fact that the crowdfunding campaign is over 700% funded. 


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