EmazingLights eLite ezLite 2.0 Light Up LED Gloves - #1 Leader in Gloving & Light Shows

Flicker. Shape shifter. Vez. Krush. No, these aren’t the names of the cruise ship’s dj’s. They’re the types of flashing patterns at the tip of your LED-infused fingers. The guys at EmazingLight’s laboratory have created a set of mind-blowing patterns that rival a Pink Floyd light show. These gloves will let you bust out your best dance moves in style.

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Product Features

• 20 color options

• 3 strope options to choose from

• Lifetime Warranty

Product Tips

• You don’t have to know what clusters are, nor do you have to know anything about finger stacking or dialing. Save the lingo for the pros. Still, experimenting with your eLite LED gloves is half the fun. The CTRL glove set features complete mode customization, which allows you to modify your patterns on the fly. 

• Gloving is not a crime. It’s an art, dance, performance, sport, and expression. Still, you’re Gloving at Your Own Risk (yes, just like swimming at your own risk) if you decide to express yourself as you wait in line at the breakfast buffet, let alone in front of the cruise ship’s live webcam. 

• The eLite Chroma CTRL glove set features eLock battery protection, which means your lights will never turn on in your pocket again, draining the battery before you even get to the party. That’s the raver’s equivalent of accidentally butt dialing an ex-girlfriend.    

Why It's A Good Item To Pack

• The eLite Chroma CTRL glove set features 11 flashing patterns, a 30 color palette, and 5 gorgeous default modes, which means no matter where you are or what music is playing, you can own your environment and harness a light show to fit the mood. 

• If you arrive at a dance party with a glow stick, you’re going to show your age. (And this is doubly true if you start requesting club bangers from the early 90s.) But if you arrive at a dance party wearing a pair of Chroma CTRL LED gloves, people are going to call you the master of flow arts, and the next thing you know you're glovetrotting around the world in a hedonistic whirlwind. 

 • Because you don’t want to be that guy in the faded Margaritaville T-shirt doing the Macarena with the cruise ship entertainment staff. You want to dance like it’s your last night in Ibiza, and the eLite LED glove set is your golden ticket to paradise. 

• It’s a rainy day. All cruise ship activities have been suspended. No skyride. No waterworks. No evening entertainment under the stars. What are the kiddies going to do? They’re going to slip on their LED glow gloves, Michael Jackson-style, and have a competitive dance-off, that’s what. 

 • If your cruise ship docks at a port-of-call where there’s an impromptu electronic music festival, a secret, midnight rave like the ones thrown in the halcyon days of English warehouse parties, or a dull, karaoke contest that needs a vibrant shot of Technicolor, you’ll have your LED gloves in your carry-on and ready to go. 

Remember, fellow cruisers… in 1518 the dancing plague killed hundreds of people in the city of Strasbourg. Our advice: drink plenty of water to cure the curse of St. Vitus and cool down overheated blood. 

Happy trails.  


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