Onboard–Party Hard? We Got You Covered

Hangover Remedies When Your at Sea  

January 2018

Just think. It won't be long now until you will be enjoying your time at sea, partying, relaxing, laying out in the sun, meeting new people, eating and drinking to your heart's content and having a great time. However, one not so great experience that you'll want to avoid on your cruise is an unpleasant hangover. No worries, we at Before The Cruise have you covered. Read below for some helpful tips on treating and even preventing a hangover while cruising: 

To Prevent a Hangover 

Choose Clear Liquor/Drinks: According to a Brown University study, dark bourbon has more than 37 times as many toxic compounds as clear Vodka. Therefore, to prevent a hangover, stick to clear liquor as opposed to darker varieties as they have less sugar and toxins. 

Enjoy Your Wine, Without a Hangover: Prevent your hangover from happening in the first place while still enjoying your wine with The Wand. This product filters red and white wine while preventing morning-after headaches. It works by removing 95% of sulfites, chemicals and additives. You can also try this wine purifier byUllo. It filters out sulfites and aerates for a purer drink. 

Skip The Champagne: Go with a noncarbonated alcoholic beverage to reduce your risk of a hangover. Studies have shown that the carbonation leads to greater alcohol absorption. Unfortunately, the tiny little bubbles we all love in champagne is exactly the type of carbonation you should avoid to prevent a morning hangover. 

To Treat a Hangover 

The partying might be heaven, but the morning after is hell. Therefore, you'll want to keep the following tips in mind if you happen to drink a little too much, and find yourself with a doozy of a hangover: 

Drink Lots of Water: You might already have figured this out based on the frequency in which you need to visit the little gentlemen or ladies room when drinking, but alcohol is a diuretic. This is a more proper way of saying it makes you pee, a lot. Consequently, as you drain your body of water drinking, you can become dehydrated. Therefore, one way to ensure you replenish what you lost during your night of revelry is to drink lots of water the following morning and throughout the next day. To make this task more pleasant, consider purchasing The Right Cup. This fruit flavored cup instantly makes the taste of water more pleasant, helping you get the water you need to recover. 

● Get Active/ Get Outside: Admittedly, working out, or being active in any way after waking up with a brutal hangover after a night of fun is likely the last thing you want to think about but it will help. While it won't literally happen, consider your physical effort as a way to force all the leftover booze out of your body, through your sweating pores. You can get active via a walk on the deck of your cruise ship. However, even if you choose just to sit outside, though, the fresh air can also help your hangover. This works because oxygen has been shown to increase the rate at which alcohol breaks down in the body. Fresh air also leads to increased blood flow and metabolism. 

● Drink Some Joe: Drinking lots of coffee is another way to help reduce your hangover symptoms and sober up. To do this even when being on the go, like you are during a port call, try this temperature control travel mug by Ember to keep your joe piping hot. 

● Take Some Activated Charcoal: Activated charcoal is a highly absorbent material. It helps bind and capture unwanted material. In the case of a hangover, this would, of course, include alcohol. Charcoal also promotes a healthy digestion, which can aid in the hangover process. Try this Coconut Charcoal by Bulletproof to tame your next hangover. 

● Try Vitamin B: Vitamin B is vital to a properly functioning body. It is also important to a normally functioning nervous system. Try this Super B Energy Complex by Nature Made to help your body recoup from a night of fun. 

Keep the above tips and products in mind as you prepare for your upcoming cruise. Through the implementation of these tips and the use of these products, there need to forgo a good time in order to prevent the negative elements of a hangover. Now, go have fun, because we have you covered!  

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