Nightlife–From Groove Cruise To Celebrity's Sin City Party

These Are Some of the Best Cruise Ship Parties at Sea  

January 2018

1. Groove Cruise. Do you love to dance to pounding techno music and dress in extravagant outfits? Then why not do it in the middle of the ocean. This 4 day floating dance party is like no other cruise you will ever experience. From theme nights such as "Tutu & Ties" to "Shine the F*** Up", when you disembark from the ship you will feel completely, physically, and mentally drained, but at the same time spiritually revitalized. It is the type of event where night turns to morning and strangers become family.   


2. Pirates IN the Caribbean Deck Party and Fireworks. Although this one’s mostly for the little ones, there’s something for everyone, from pirate-themed cocktails to rousing rounds of pirate ditties for the whole gang. This is an all-day event that starts during the with a pirate trivia and gets everyone in the spirit by transforming them into a pirate, making them part of Captain Jack Sparrow's crew.The pirate night starts at dinner with the ship's crew getting into the action and dressing up in pirate gear and greeting its guest with an "Ahoy Matey!” or “Arrrr!”. The party then moves to the pool deck where Captain Hook and his gang try to trash the party until Mickey and his friends come to the rescue. The night ends with an amazing fireworks display! Fireworks are weather permitting and not offered on Disney Alaskan cruises.

3. Norwegian's Glow Party. The Glow Party is fun for everyone -- you’re never to old or young to dance! Here’s a video about the Glow Party to win you over. Remember, for a floating glow party, you have to, well, glow! 

4. Princess’ Love Boat Disco Party. When you’re on a cruise, the last thing you want to worry about is the entertainment. It should be pre-planned, include fireworks, great dancing and singing, and lots of cocktails. Did we mention lots of cocktails? The Love Boat Disco Party hits all these requirements. 


5. Royal Caribbean's 90s Street Party. Whether you remember the 90s or not, it’s fun to step back in time and experience them again. The promenade makes the street party real, and 90s music and dancers entertain you. 

6. Carnival's 80s Rock-N-Glow Party. If you want to go even further back, this party is for you. Get your Adidas on and party like it’s 1985. Kevin’s video diary is excellent; he takes cruise parties very seriously. 


7. Any Sail Away Party. All cruise lines have Sail Away parties - they’ll feature a DJ or a band, a drink of the day, dancing, food, and people waving from the pier. You want to make sure you board early so you can get your drinks, roam around the ship a little and then get a good spot so you can wave to all the people who are not going on an amazing voyage with you and your cruise crew. 

8. Disney Wonder's Tiana’s Place. While this isn’t officially a party, Tiana makes lots of appearances, including with a real New Orleans band. 

9. Royal Caribbean's Prohibition Party. Following on the heels of Tiana’s high class, check out the Prohibition Party if you like jazz. Musicians on cruise lines are top in their class, so bring your zoot suit. 

10. Cunard’s Queen Room Big Band Party. If big band dancing, a splash of class, and fancy clothes are your style, check out the Queen Room -- bring a ball gown and make your man wear a tux. 

11. Celebrity's Sin City Party. Sin City Comedy is a Vegas show geared for the casino crowd, now on a cruise ship near you. Sin City is a burlesque show, and can be a little bit sexy! Just a heads up, don't bring your kids. 

Well, that’s the quick rundown on amazing cruise ship parties at sea! Check back here for more cruising advice and fun any time -- we’re always scanning the waves to find more perfect parties. 


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