Cabin Essentials–When You No Longer Want to Listen to Margaritaville (Sorry, Jimmy)

Bluetooth Speakers That Are Sure To Get Your Cabin Jumping 

January 2018

Cruising is always enhanced when you know tips from those who have traveled before. You're excited for a fun, amazing voyage. But do you have everything you need? Are there key cabin essentials you're forgetting? Your concierge can only do so much. There are some things you need to remember... other than memorizing the location of all the bars onboard! Music is often an assumed means of entertainment on a cruise. When you pack though, do you think about the music in your cabin? Because most cruise lines don't offer a speaker in your cabin, a sound dock is a crucial item to pack for your next voyage. You want to DJ your own cruise, right?

Here are three high-quality docks that we recommend to turn your cabin into an after hours party, enjoy music with friends, or while setting the mood with that special someone:   

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